Stuffed pasta with Iberitos york ham cream

Who does not like pasta? Ummm, what an exquisite delicacy.


Today we bring you a delicious and very simple dish to make, of course with Iberitos ingredients.


We suggest filling it with york ham, but the options are almost endless because the #Iberitos range of flavors gives



16 Paccheri (big macaroni)

Olive oil

3 Garlic cloves

1 Leek

3 Carrots

250gr Beef meat


Black pepper

5gr Oregano

5gr Basil

200ml Red wine

3 Tomatoes

Iberitos york ham cream

Grated cheese

In this recipe, chef David Gibello has chosen paccheri (some large macaroni), but we can use any other pasta, the one we like best.


The same happens with the Iberitos cream that we choose. Do you dare to do it with cured ham, or with fish creams? You have a lot to choose from.


Let’s start with the preparation of the sauce for the stuffed pasta:


First we add and heat the olive oil. We add three cloves of minced garlic so that it goes a little golden, careful not to burn it, which then will give it a bitter touch and we do not want that. While we are doing this we can bring the pasta to a boil, so we are doing everything at once.


One the garlics are browned, we have to add to our sauce a leek and three carrots. We fry everything and add the beef meat that we have previously seasoned. We leave if for 3-4 minutes so that the meat is done well and we are doing to continue with the sauce. It smells good!.


We add 5 g of oregano, 5 of basil (a tablespoon of coffee more or less) and mix everything well. We add the 200 ml of read wine and let it reduce about 5 minutes. Turn now to add the grated tomatoes and leave it for another 5 minutes approx. Do you already have it? All right! Now we just need to beat it and reserve it to fill the pasta that we have chosen. Which one have you chosen?.


We add the first sauce base on a baking tray. Remember to reserve a Little pasta to cover later.


We have already commented that we have been making the pasta while making the sauce. We just have to pour water and once it is boiling, add the salt and pasta. We let it cook for as long as the manufacturer indicates and… we already have our plate almost ready.


Once the pasta is cooked, we will it with the sauce that we have made before. In this case it must be done compactly. We put the paccheri on the base that we put before in the oven tray and cover with the rest of the sauce that we have reserved.


We add grated cheese and gratin our plate for about 6 minutes approximately until the cheese is melted.


READY! Now you only have one thing left: enjoy this delicacy made with Iberitos creams and pates.


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