Stuffed eggs with Iberitos anchovy pate

We can resist the dish we present to you? In addition, they are a great solution for a family meal, an outing with friends or that special meal that today you are going to prepare to take on your terrace while enjoying this moment.

One more thing, here we suggest you fill it with anchovy pate, but don’t forget that you can fill it with the Iberitos flavor that you like the most. Do you dare to try stuffing it with cod, tuna or why not choose a meat flavor?. There are more tan 60 flavors to choose from. Which one do you prefer?.







Anchovy pate Iberitos


First we are going to cook the eggs. For this we put cold water in a pot, add a Little salt and vinegar and put everything to cook over medium heat for 15 minutes.


We take out the eggs and cut them in half. We remove the yolks  and put them all -except one- on a plate or bold and then mix them with the anchovy pate.


We crush them and we mix them with the stuff. We already have the filling ready, now we just need to put them in the eggs that we previously cut in a half. Once this is done, we put mayonnaise on it and decorate with the yolk that we previously reserved. How?. Grating it on top.


Can you suggest another variant for the filling or decoration?. We would love to read you and see the photo of your Iberitos dish. Tag us with #ChefIberitos and we will share your photo.


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