HUERTA DEHESA EL ALCORNOCAL company dedicated to manufacture and packaging in single dose of aluminium, cans and jars of products transformed from meat products, vegetables, dairy and fish products and PET bottle and single-dose packaging of olive oil and vinegar, adapting to the needs of QUALITY AND FOOD SECURITY demanded by an increasingly competitive market and taking responsability towars its customers, has a Quality and Food Safety Management System, described in the QUALITY AND FOOD SAFETY Manual and developed in the Procedures Manual, in accordance with the requirements of the BRC and IFS Standards.


The General Management manifests its fundamental commitment to enhance the Quality and Food Safety in HUERTA DEHESA EL ALCORNOCAL with a view to achieve the compliance with the following policy:


  • The main objective is the customer satisfaction and fulfill with the obligation of to manufacture safe, legal, quality and authentic products.
  • The direction will drive the improvements required to obtain the objectives.
  • QUALITY AND FOOD SAFETY are susceptible to continuos improvement. Mistakes should be used to learn and eliminate the sources or causes that have generated them.
  • QUALITY AND FOOD SAFETY requires collaboration and participation at all levels and for this information, communication and training (particularly in areas affecting the quality and safety of the producto/service) are indispensable.
  • All workers must be made aware oif their responsabilities in terms of food quality and safety, making them part of the company´s culture of this.
  • The company is fully committed to complying with aplicable legal and regulatory requierements, customer requirements and those associated with our producto (safety, quality, legality, specifications and way of elaboration).
  • The company expresses its commitment to the prevention of environmental pollution, the susyainability of the resources used and is aware of its ethical and social responsability and the importance of the well- being of its workers.


The General Management ensures that its FOOD QUALITY AND SAFETY Policy is understood and accepted by all staff; and internal audit contest verifies that the FOOD QUALITY AND SAFETY System maintains its efficiency and adequate.


Sgd.: Rafael Román Herrero




See our Quality, Environmental, and Food Safety Policy.